Surprising Run

The other day I decided to go for a run. It wasn’t going to be long, but I felt I needed to get out and exercise. The weather was great; no clouds in the sky and it wasn’t too hot. I get to my stopping point which also happened to be my turn around point, and head down and then back up a small hill. As I top the hill, I see the sun just over the tree tops. It was blindingly bright and shining directly in my face. I could see nothing but the light. It was beautiful. Nothing else around me mattered; everything had disappeared because of the brilliance of the light.

At that moment, I realized that this is what being in the presence of God here on earth would be like. Then, I had a second realization, that I now was in God’s presence. All my sin and shame and all the darkness in me was destroyed and banished by the penetrating light of God’s love and grace. This light that was at first embarrassing to stand in was now the source of my joy. I wanted to stay right there forever. I know that I was physically standing in the middle of the road, but I knew that I have a strong desire to be with God forever.

We all have our doubts, but there are certain events, certain moments where everything is perfectly clear. We know exactly how we feel and what we truly desire. Hold on to those moments, because in time of doubt and disbelief, they will carry you through. As a personal confession, I often have times when I question whether or not God is real. That evening as I stood in the light of the sun, I knew God was real and that I loved Him. I thank you God for that gift that I was not expecting on my run.