The Founding

Before man dared to do great deeds. Before the towering oaks first stretched their widespread limbs. Before the ancient bounds had been set in their place. A Song radiated throughout the nothingness. This Song needed no accompaniment nor ear for it to ring in. For this Song was the absolute essence of being and pure love. Having nothing with which to share his infinite joy, the Song decided to create life of all kinds. So without losing one jot of his joy or essence, he began to alter his melody. With each passing moment the Song grew louder, stronger and steady and an enormous light was formed from the nothingness, and the light pleased the Song. Now adding short, forceful bursts, countless smaller lights speckled against the nothingness that was giving way to the Song’s joyous tune.

That tune slowly turned to a muddy, yet fluid sort of composition causing a sphere with similar makeup to appear. The circular manner in which the Song moved compelled the young sphere to spin ‘round in a hypnotic fashion.  And as it spun, large divisions began to harden on its surface while the remainder was a clear liquid. Ever so subtly, the Song morphed from muddy to a light, spritely tone. All along the Song’s path over the hardened surface, tiny mounds began to protrude up towards the large light that shone down on the sphere. As man waking from a deep sleep throws off his covering, the mounds strained to free themselves form the earth that cloaked their true identity. They took on the shape of cedars and lilies and even that of four-footed animals and the winged creatures as well.

Having seen all that the Song had made and that it pleased him, the Song had one final chorus to share that would be the centerpiece. The Song paused his movement and all of creation paused with him to take heed of this most hallowed occasion. The Song rang out in a melody eerily similar to the one before any of the created things were. It closely paralleled the first, yet different, as if looking at a reflection, but in a mirror of bronze. Taking some dust and clay, the Song skillfully sculpted his prize creation, man. And moving through his being as a breeze through the limbs and leaves of a tree, the Song imprinted on the man his own song. The man, now a living being, bowed to the Song and begin to sing the chorus giv’n to him. The Song and the man sang each their own tunes, but together in harmony, sharing in the joy of the Song. And all creation joined them in an effervescent celebration of all the Song had done.