4 yr Shots

Let me just say that having to watch your child get a shot is not fun. Having to watch a 4 year old get 4 shots in one visit is bordering on torture. We both made it through the ordeal, barely. The caring nurse covered her boo-boos with pink camouflage band-aids. Now, she’s good for another 7 years, and let’s pray it’s that long before she needs another shot. To help ease the pain, we made a stop at the local convenient store and picked up some much needed and deserved candy. The recommended dosage was 4 candies, one for each shot. She chose two bags of skittles, one purple and one orange, one bag of smarties, and one bag of candy lipstick. We then made our way to her school. As I dropped her off at daycare, she was doing well sharing her Barbie stickers she got at the doctor’s office, eating her candy lipstick.