Daily Insight

Buckle Up

Who knew that some of the best times of my life would come during a time I least expected it? Right before I head off to work in the mornings, I help my wife get our 4 year old daughter buckled in her booster seat. At times this can be challenging depending on the mood she’s in that particular morning, but overall it’s normally business as usual. Such was the case today as I patiently waited for her to climb up and into her seat. I pulled the seat belt across her and adjusted it so that if fit tightly, but not too tight, ensuring the safety of our most precious cargo. I stood in the open car door and watched as her mother made her way to her place in the driver’s seat. As is my custom, I gave my daughter a kiss and told her I would pick her up this afternoon. As I was closing her door, I said, “I love you.” She responded with the same. Now, it’s not what she said so much as the genuineness in her eyes that struck me. I could see that she meant it wholeheartedly. I had to pause and acknowledge the relationship that we have; the special moment that we had just shared that will stay with me forever. No matter what the future holds, I was loved by the purest of all hearts, by an innocent child, by that of my daughter.